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Hosted by James Lawton

The Staffing RecOps Podcast

The Staffing RecOps Podcast is a platform to share insight and to educate.

This is not a podcast for recruiters. This podcast is for those that run high volume staffing and recruitment firms. If you work in Operations, IT, or Management in any kind of strategic capacity, then this is the place for you to learn about the solutions to your staffing challenges. The SROP is hosted by James Lawton: ex-recruiter, now helping enterprise-level companies manage their high-volume contingent workforce.

The Staffing RecOps Podcast is sponsored by Mployee.

The Staffing RecOps Podcast

Explore the first series of SROP

In this first series, the SROP will be focussing on these overarching topics: Onboarding, Retention and Re-skilling. Listen to the latest episodes to find out how to get the right people on board and more importantly, how to keep them!

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